I am a prolific and sophisticated coder and a tenacious solver of problems. As a system architect, I favor rationalism slightly over pragmatism but am not given to "academic" excesses of complexity. On the other side of the equation, I am unafraid of getting my elbows greasy learning the inner workings of other architects' systems — and with any luck, typically learn something worthwhile in the process.

I enjoy working with people who care about what they are doing but still have fun doing it. I am scrupulous about returning the good energy I receive from my colleagues and community with a generous percentage of interest and find active contribution to such a community to be very gratifying.

  • PHP (4.3 through 5.3) — 7 years
  • JavaScript — 6 years, including JQuery, Raphael, and a variety of HTML5 features.
  • C# - 2.5 years, including MVC3 and Entity Framework as well as some traditional ASP.NET web application development.
  • C/C++ - 7 years, primarily writing thick clients and device drivers for Windows 95 and later.
  • SQL in a variety of incarnations (MySQL, SQL Server) - 8 years, including management of clustered MySQL servers in a high-load environment
  • CSS - 5 years, with increasing appreciation. CSS3 is fabulous!
  • Successfully managed a very busy tech support desk serving thousands of active clients.
  • Managed a 5-7 person development team through a process of incremental product upscaling over the course of 4 years.
  • Developed extensive and harmonious cross-department relations: marketing, product development, sales, and accounting.
  • Recent CentOS and Debian distros
  • Cygwin on Windows (for the bash shell if nothing else)
  • Comprehensive MySQL admin from 4 onward, including experience with replication
  • OSX, including surprisingly pleasant development environments in MAMP
  • Windows from 3.1 to 7, and looking hesitantly forward to 8.
  • DOS, of course -- particularly archaic versions
  • Rails — because any language or framework that can produce such a strong contrast of opinions deserves to be investigated.
  • ActionScript — because I have always wanted to write one of those Flash-based games that everyone wastes so much time on.
  • Drupal - mostly 7.x with intermittent 6.x projects, and including experience with both DrupalCommerce and Ubercart (as of 2012, I still prefer Ubercart)
  • Symfony, mostly 1.1 with a bit of 2.0 thrown in
  • Some work with ZEND Framework
  • Wordpress, including theming and plugin development.
  • Raphael - a javascript library for animating SVG/VML.
  • PrinceXML - a utility for generating very high-quality PDF documents from CSS3/HTML
  • Excel/OpenOffice Calc - expert level
  • Word/OpenOffice Writer - expert level
  • Adobe Photoshop/GIMP

Blu SKY Logo Blu SKY Creative Services: 2011-present. Blu SKY is a Bellingham, WA-based development and design company with several interests, claiming a number of high profile US Hospitals and Universities amongst its clientele. Here I've developed a number of custom reporting applications and performed a great deal of custom integration with a 3rd party data collection and mobilization SDK, as well as honing my proposal-writing and javascript skills.

Cranberry Logo Cranberry, Inc. 2010-2011. Cranberry is an umbrella company that contains or contained an art gallery (fairhavenoriginalsgallery.com), a redirection service (trafficshaping.com), a rapid prototyping business (tangibleexpress.com), a social media/SEO-power profiling directory (profileponds.com), and a number of other startups. My role there has been very generalized, including database and server management and software development under several platforms.

PRWeb Logo PRWeb.com/Vocus: 2005-2010. This position demanded a great degree of adaptability and improvisation. In 2006, PRWeb was acquired by publicly traded Vocus (VOCS). In 2007, my supervisor departed the company and I undertook to fill his shoes. I personally dealt with financial records, financial controls, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance with our controller while overseeing the first in a series of major hardware upgrades. The last of these upgrades, involving a complete transition from LAMP to .NET, was still underway when I left but has since been successfully completed. We also completely rebranded our product — twice. The first of these rebrands involved shifting from a dominantly table-based layout to a CSS 2.0-driven layout.

CHID Logo Secondary Education: 2001-2003. After a few years picking up classes and a 2 year degree at a local community college, I finally went to UW seeking entrance to their Computer Science degree — and was rebuffed. I found a temporary home in the humanities instead -- specifically, the Comparative History of Ideas program.

Ballard Synergy, Inc: 1995-2001. Though I started as a tester, I wasted no time getting my hands into the code back in the hey-day before the dotcom crash. I wrote device drivers in assembly and straight C, developed thick clients for utility software with a mostly Japanese market (before rapidly escalating hardware made software acceleration largely superfluous), and developed a deep and abiding love for object oriented design. This company changed its name three times but survived the dotcom crash, and is still doing business in Poulsbo, WA as eAcceleration Corporation.